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inn bed and breakfast Fredericksburg


Fischer & Wieser's Four 6's

Book your romantic retreat to Fredericksburg on the same private luxury train car that once slept a former United State's President and Comanche Indian Chief. Fischer & Wieser's 6666 Pullman Train Car Bed and Breakfast, now permanently stationed in Fredericksburg, once served as quarters for both President Theodore Roosevelt and Indian Chief Quanah Parker. The "four sixes" train car was built in 1894 by the Pullman Palace Car Company. It has been restored and furnished with great detail to historic accuracy, but with a few improvements to attend to your comfort. We hope you find the quarters, while tight, to exude an air of romanticism for a time long gone.

The train car has operated under several owners and names, yet is most famously known for the 6666 brand bestowed upon it by owner and cattleman S. Burke Burnett, who named it after his Four Sixes Ranch in Wichita County, Texas. The 6666 story is told that Burnett won a big pot with a hand of four sixes, and that he adopted that brand to celebrate his victory. The less romantic, but more accurate tale is that Burnett bought a herd of some 100 cattle from a Frank Crowley of Denton County in 1871, and elected to keep the 6666 brand which Crowley had already impressed on the stock.

In time, Burnett's holdings grew until he became one of the cattle kings of the Southwest. He bought this "sleeping car" so he could more comfortably travel between his residence in Fort Worth and his ranch which extended into Kentucky.

The storied history of this particular car comes not from Burnett, but from his notable friends, Comanche Leader Quanah Parker and President Theodore Roosevelt, both who were guests of Burnett on this car.

Burnett became friends with Parker when he leased Native American land on which to graze his horses and cattle. A few years later, President Theodore Roosevelt mandated that all cowboys vacate Native American land immediately. Unable to move his herds that quickly, Burke travelled to Washington, D.C. to persuade Roosevelt to extend the land lease for two years.

Being the gentleman that he was, Burnett not only secured the extended lease, but also became friends with the "rough riding" president. So much so, that President Roosevelt took Burnett's personal sleeping car, in which you could now stay, to a wolf hunt in Oklahoma.

Located on the corner of S. Lincoln and E. Liveoak, the Fischer & Wieser 6666 Pullman Train car is just a couple blocks from the shopping district of Main Street and some wonderful restaurants. However, for times when you wish to eat in, a $25 gift certificate has been provided for Fischer & Wieser's Das Peach Haus.

A rustic yet plush, luxury railroad car built in 1894